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Surviving a Nightmare
Brad Cunard

It seemed like just another day for Brad Cunard, his wife, Lisa, and their young sons, Max and Owen. The family was stuck in traffic near their suburban Atlanta home when a violent thunderstorm hit. Nothing could have prepared Brad for what happened next. A tree fell on their car with horrible precision, instantly killing Lisa, 38, and their boys, ages three and five months.

Brad had always believed he and Lisa would live to enjoy Little League games, proms and grandchildren. Now he found himself alone, not sure how he'd pick up the pieces.

One thing that has helped is the financial planning he and Lisa began early on. Buying permanent life insurance from Steve McClelland, CLU, ChFC was one of their first decisions. It provided protection while allowing them to accumulate cash value for future needs. Later, Steve helped the couple buy additional coverage to protect their thriving printing business and growing family.

Since the accident, the life insurance has given Brad time to grieve. "The money won't bring Lisa, Max or Owen back, but it makes the existence I find myself in easier. I don't have to work while I'm not ready, or sell my house because I can't afford the mortgage. I've been able to think slowly about my future."

The insurance money has also helped keep the printing presses running in Brad's absence. And should he decide not to return, the buy-sell agreement Steve helped him put in place will make it easy for Brad's partners to buy his share of the business.

Brad credits Steve, his financial consultant and friend, with helping make his journey easier. "Because of Steve's help and guidance, I know I'll do better than survive. I'll live and succeed in the second chapter of my life and make my family proud."

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