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Cindy Wrenn
Cindy and Matt Wrenn were days away from closing on their dream home, when Cindy, just 28 years old, was stricken with a brain aneurysm and had a stroke during surgery. Though Cindy's prognosis was uncertain, money was one thing the Wrenn's didn't have to worry about during Cindy's recovery thanks to disability insurance Cindy had through work and on her own. Had Cindy not had coverage, their mortgage application would have been denied because the Wrenn's would not have qualified on Matt's salary alone. Today, Cindy is back at work, her health is good, and she and Matt are thrilled with their new home in picturesque rural Maryland.


Barry Shore
Barry Shore, a 55-year-old real estate executive, was enjoying a normal life when a rare neurological disorder struck suddenly, causing him to lose all movement in his body. Throughout his ordeal, money is one thing Barry and his family haven't worried about thanks to smart insurance planning. Disability insurance payments have replaced more than half of Barry's income. And long-term care insurance has provided more than enough to pay for in-home care as well as physical, occupational and water therapy.


Larry Prier
At age 39, Larry Prier, a senior executive for a major corporation, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. His quickly deteriorating condition left him unable to work, but disability insurance helped his family maintain their lifestyle. Tragedy struck again when Larry fell down a flight of stairs and suffered a serious brain injury. Disability insurance helped Larry's family provide him with additional care, and enabled them to continue planning for the future.


Rick Matthews
As the founder and owner of one of the largest concrete construction companies in the San Diego area, Rick Matthews was a man used to doing things on his own. Because he'd seen his father's health fail with no disability coverage to protect his income, he decided to purchase a policy for himself. Years later, Rick suffered a medical crisis that cost him both his legs, which activated his disability coverage. Rick opted for a lump-sum payment that helped him maintain his family's lifestyle and keep their home in the community they loved.


Diana Geistler
When Dale Geistler started his own business, he knew that he'd have to reevaluate the insurance coverages he carried. Following a discussion with his financial representative, Dale agreed to increase his life insurance coverage and buy disability income insurance. Thirteen years later, Dale was diagnosed with leukemia. When he became too ill to work, he relied on his disability insurance to help pay the family's bills and cover the cost of specialized cancer treatments. At age 55, Dale succumbed to the cancer. Disability benefits provided for Dale's family when he was ill, and proceeds from his life insurance have helped his wife, Diana, pay off debts, cover living expenses and make long-term financial plans.

Jerry Sullivan


A series of strokes ended Jerry Sullivan's working life and left him feeling as if he was in a dream, unable to wake up. But disability insurance kept that dream from turning into a financial nightmare. Though unable to work, Jerry still gets a regular paycheck and is able to maintain the lifestyle he and his family enjoyed before his disability struck.

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