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A Plan for All Possibilities
Diana Geistler

Dale Giestler seemed to have it all. Self-employed as a manufacturer's representative in Marion, Indiana, he had recently married, built a new home and had plenty of time for golf. But what made Dale happiest was family: his two teenage daughters, his new wife, Diana, and her teenage sons.

Not wanting to leave his family's well-being to chance, Dale purchased his first life insurance policy when his daughters were very young. To make sure his coverage kept up with his changing needs, Dale would meet periodically with Tom Gearheart, CLU, his financial representative. Later, when Dale started his business, he followed Tom's recommendation that he increase his life insurance coverage and buy disability income insurance.

Just a few years after marrying Diana, Dale was diagnosed with leukemia. When he became too ill to work, he relied on his disability insurance to pay the bills and keep the family afloat.

"Those benefits held everything together," said Tom. And waiver of premium provisions on his life policies meant Dale didn't have to pay those premiums while he was disabled.

Dale's financial situation was stable, but his health continued to deteriorate. As a last resort, he sought an extremely aggressive form of chemotherapy. But the treatment was too much for Dale's weakened system. He contracted a fatal blood disease and died at age 55.

Disability benefits provided for Dale's family when he was ill, and proceeds from his life insurance have helped Diana pay off debts, cover living expenses and make long-term financial plans. Looking back, Diana realizes that Dale's insurance purchases were more than mere financial transactions. "Insurance was Dale's way of saying 'I love you and will always be there for you,'" she said.

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