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Ken Howell
After Ken Howell lost his business partner and longtime friend, Jeff Moses, in a small plane crash, he knew their automotive manufacturing company would be all right because of a smart business continuation plan. Life insurance policies funded a buy-sell agreement and the two remaining partners were able to take control of the company. Key person insurance on Jeff‘s life provided the money needed to hire a new salesman to take over many of Jeff‘s duties. As for Jeff‘s family, they are financially secure because of money they received through the buy-sell agreement as well as life insurance Jeff owned individually.


Jeanne Rizzotto
Linda Benders and Jeanne Rizzotto, partners in a real estate business, decided to purchase life insurance to fund a "buy-sell agreement." As time went on and the business took off, they eventually met with their agent to increase their coverage. Days later, Linda was killed in a car accident. The money Linda's family received helped her husband to care for their 3-year-old daughter and elderly mother, and enabled the three older children to continue their education. It also helped Linda's survivors avoid unwanted financial entanglements by providing Jeanne with the resources to buy out her partner's share.


Brian House
Brian House knew that one day he would run the family's Chevrolet dealership, but he never imagined that it would be at age 29, after his father suffered two massive heart attacks. Life insurance proceeds ensured that Brian's mother would be financially protected and provided the business with the cash needed to ensure a smooth transition. Today, Brian is vice president and dealer-operator at the family-run dealership, one of the most successful in upstate New York.


Jimmy Brebner
For Jimmy Brebner, split-dollar life insurance offered an innovative way to reward key employees at his textile plant. He had intended that they would use the policy's cash value for extra money upon retirement. But Jimmy couldn't have been more surprised when, after a severe downturn threatened the future of the business, his employees volunteered to borrow against the cash value of their policies to help revitalize the company. With this money, Jimmy was able to meet payroll, pay his suppliers, and invest in retooling the firm.


Brad Cunard
Brad and Lisa Cunard bought permanent life insurance early in their marriage for protection, but also to allow them to start saving for retirement. They were also partners in a commercial printing business with their two best friends, and the business took out key person insurance on all four. Several years later, Brad and Lisa's dream of growing old together ended suddenly when a giant tree fell on the couple's car, instantly killing Lisa and their two young boys who were in the back seat. The proceeds from Lisa's life insurance gave Brad time to deal with his immense grief and helped keep their business running, saving 20 jobs in the process.


Debbie Mentz
Bob Mentz, the owner of a successful greeting card business, bought life insurance partly because of a lesson he learned from his father, who left his wife virtually peniless when he died. Bob was able to finance an expansion of his business by borrowing against the cash value of his permanent policies. And when Bob died unexpectedly of a bleeding ulcer at age 50, the proceeds from his coverage allowed his wife Debbie to care for the family, and keep the business going strong.


Linda Bloomer
Del Bloomer, an entrepreneur with a growing business and family, knew he needed more life insurance to keep up with his increasing need for coverage. His decision to buy more proved critical. At age 40, without any history of serious health issues, Del died of a massive heart attack. With the life insurance proceeds, Del's wife, Linda, has transitioned to the role of CEO of the company. The insurance money also has helped her purchase a new home, pay off debts, and establish a retirement-savings plan and college-funding plans for the kids.

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