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Sarah Lewis
David Lewis always went the extra mile to help others. As a pediatric cardiologist, he was known for spending endless hours with his young patients, giving his home number to their families, and managing to make them laugh in difficult times. David's commitment to children extended all the way to Ecuador where he made regular trips to provide free medical care. But David never allowed his dedication to his patients and the active role he played in his community to keep him form his top priority in life, his wife Sarah and their three young children.

"David wanted to make sure his family was taken care of no matter what happened, and life insurance was a key part of his plan," says David Giddings, CLU, Lewis' friend and agent. To make sure their coverage remained up-to-date, the Lewis' met with David twice a year to review their coverage.

During his sixth mission to Ecuador on September 12, David suffered a heart attack and died in his sleep at age 43. Because of the way David lived his life, the many people whose lives he touched have had a hard time dealing with his death. This is particularly true of his family.

While the pain from their loss may never go away, life insurance allowed David to leave a valuable legacy. The benefits from his policy have enabled Sarah to pay off the mortgage, provide college funding for the children, and maintain their quality of life. "The greatest gift you can give your family is to think ahead and be prepared," says Sarah.

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