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During LIAM, LIFE‘s goal is to get Americans thinking about their life insurance needs and, hopefully, to motivate them to do something to address those needs. Here‘s a preview of some of the ways LIFE hopes to accomplish that objective.

LIAM Spokesperson ‘ Molly Shannon

It‘s hard getting the mainstream media to focus on life insurance, especially the broadcast media. That‘s why each September LIFE retains a celebrity spokesperson to help deliver our messages on television and radio. LIFE is thrilled to announce that this year‘s spokesperson is comedian and actress Molly Shannon. Like past LIAM spokespeople, Molly has a compelling realLIFEstory to share. Having lost her mother, sister and cousin in a fatal car accident when she was just four years old, Molly knows how challenging life can be when a loved one dies prematurely. Read more about Molly‘s story by clicking here. Also, during September we‘ll post on our home page a video message from Molly to the public.


Advertising continues to be one of the main ways that LIFE gets the public thinking about life insurance during LIAM. In September, LIFE will spend close to $2.5 million on consumer advertising. A priority this year will be to reach women, whose role in financial decision making is growing. If they‘re not making the big financial decisions in their households, they‘re influencing them. Recognizing this, LIFE will advertise this fall in More, Real Simple, O Magazine, Working Mother, Women‘s Health, Family Fun and Latina. LIFE will also reach out to women with online ads on the following Web properties: MSN, iVillage and Disney Online.


For the 12th consecutive year, LIFE will partner with Newsweek magazine to bring realLIFEstories to the American people. These are true stories that illustrate how important insurance can be when families and businesses are faced life‘s most challenging moments, like the death or disability of a loved one. LIFE conducts an annual contest to elicit the best stories from across the country. This year‘s featured stories will appear in a 6-page special section in the September 10, issue of Newsweek. LIFE will also advertise in Newsweek throughout the month of September.

Print Media Outreach

Getting personal finance reporters to write articles about life insurance during September will again be a major priority. LIFE is in the process of developing a number of life insurance ‘tips packages‘ that will be shared with the media. LIFE is also planning to release new survey results that will shed light on the need for Americans to protect their families through proper life insurance planning. Two years ago, LIFE surveyed Americans to find out which of 5 fictional characters needed life insurance the most. Last year, LIFE wanted to know which of 5 TV dads needed the greatest amount of coverage. In addition to working with English-language media, LIFE will again reach out aggressively to Spanish- and Chinese-language media outlets.

Public Service Announcements

LIFE is creating a new series of radio PSAs and will distribute them to thousands of stations across the country. The PSAs, which will be available in English and Spanish, will feature commentary from both insurance experts and everyday people who‘ve experienced the benefits of life insurance first-hand. America.

LIFE Lessons College Scholarship Program

In September, LIFE will publicly announce the recipients of its LIFE Lessons College Scholarships. Earlier in the year, college-age students were asked to write essays or submit videos describing how the death of a parent impacted their lives, especially their ability to afford college. Most of the 900+ essays LIFE received describe the financial hardship that resulted when a parent died and had little or no life insurance coverage. LIFE will award 2 grand-prize scholarship of $5,000. In all, LIFE will award 25 scholarships totaling $25,000.


During September, LIFE will post lots of great life insurance essays on its blog. Since it was launched almost a year ago, LIFE‘s blog has begun to attract a growing number of people interested in participating in a dialogue about important insurance planning topics..

Life Insurance e-cards

LIFE recently launched a suite of electronic greeting cards designed to get Americans thinking more about the need for insurance in their financial plans. The life insurance e-cards are broken down into 4 categories: Baby, Marriage, Birthday and Retirement. Insurance professionals are encouraged to send them to clients or prospects during LIAM or at any time throughout the year. LIFE also hopes that consumers will send e-cards to their friends and family, urging the people they care about most to protect themselves financially. Check out the e-cards at They‘re fun, effective and FREE!

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